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Currently a Phd researcher at the European University Institute (EUI), in Florence, Italy, my work focuses on fiscal politics in war-affected countries, with a particular emphasis on issues of taxation, redistribution, and economic justice. Since 2018, I have also been a member of the PRIO Research School on Peace and Conflict. I will be defending my thesis “Making the Rich Pay for the War: the politics of fiscal fairness in contemporary conflict-affected states” in October 2021.

I started my academic career in the field of Peace and Conflict studies at Lund university, Sweden, where, after earning my bachelors diploma, I continued to achieve a master’s degree in Political Science, through which I continued my specialisation on the intersection of politics and economics in low- and middle-income countries. My master’s thesis on post-conflict taxation was awarded the Ohlin prize (Stockholm School of Economics) for best thesis of 2016.

In addition to the generally global scope of my research on political economy and economic justice, I take a special interest – academic as well as personal – in the Middle East, where I have spent time studying Arabic and the politics of the region.

Contact: jakob.frizell[at]eui.eu

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Hebron, 2017